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Simply Gourmet cheeses are specialty cheeses in convenient packages. Cheeses are sealed in a protective package that allows cheeses to ripen while protecting flavor and quality.


Champignon North America

The story of Käserei Champignon begins over a hundred years ago when our founder went to France to learn how to make Camembert. After returning to Bavaria, he used this knowledge and the rich local milk from the Allgäu to create a Camembert that everyone fell in love with. After several years of spoiling his friends and family with this wonderful cheese, he met a cheese merchant who suggested making this cheese available to consumers beyond Bavaria. So in 1908 Käserei Champignon was born.

Over the years, more cheeses were crafted and perfected and the company expanded production to include soft ripened cheeses, washed rind cheeses, Limburger, blue cheeses and a myriad of other dairy products.

Today, the company employs over 1,000 people worldwide and produces high quality cheese out of 4 separate factories in the Allgäu. Despite this large-scale production, the source of the milk continues to be the same, coming from small farms that have been supplying Champignon for generations. The company is still family owned, insuring that the original values of the founder and thus the incredible quality of the cheese carry on.

Champignon has been established in North America for over 30 years. Our team works closely with distributors and retailers to bring consumers a selection of our unique and popular brands of soft-ripened cheeses. Our cheeses are shipped to the United States every week - by sea and by air - to ensure the highest quality. When you select a Käserei Champignon cheese, you can be confident you are getting only the very best.